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Coming soon: Security Engineering Scholarships

With Semester One 2017 fast approaching, we'd like those students considering SECedu courses in the Honours year to consider applying for scholarships made available for UNSW students by Commonwealth Bank.

The Commonwealth Bank/UNSW Security Engineering Scholarship offers a one-off $8,000 payment to students who are proposing to undertake a full-time Honours year in the Bachelor of Computer Science program with a project specialising in Cyber Security.

The scholarship criteria, which will be posted on the UNSW web site early next week, will seek out candidates that:

  • Are enrolled in or has completed at least one SECedu course (Security Engineering, System and Software Assessment, Web Application Security and as of second semester 2017, Digital Forensics and Incident Response).
  • Are putting forward an honours thesis proposal that offers outputs from their intended research project toward security-focused open source software projects or other projects that benefit the broader security community. (For examples of great projects to contribute to, see below).

Applicants will further be assessed on the basis of:

  • Academic merit.
  • Extracurricular achievement.
  • Motivations.

Open Source Security Projects

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