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Two cyber security PhD grants up for grabs

SECedu - a cyber security education partnership between Commonwealth Bank and UNSW - has formally advertised two PhD scholarships in the areas of malware analysis and cross-disciplinary approaches to solving cyber security problems.

We feel PhD scholarships are an important opportunity to offer students - not only for the research outcomes that result, but also for the career opportunity it provides the researcher to teach the next generation of cyber security professionals.

You can read about the scholarship details, eligibility requirements and how to apply for each scholarship opportunity by clicking on one of the two images below:


This round of scholarship applications closes at the end of May, so make sure you get your applications in!

Note that while we expect only students completing undergraduate studies in Computer Science or Software Engineering are likely to want to tackle the complexity of malware analysis, the more generic cyber security scholarship would consider students from other disciplines who wish to apply their skills to the security domain.

If you are studying economics, the behavioural sciences or law, for example, and have a passing interest in cyber security, you are very welcome to apply. You might be surprised just how valuable your skills are to solving some some of the world's most pressing problems.